A psychotherapist’s visit to India

From October until December, 2016, Jacqueline Pullan, will be living and working in Fort Cochi India. In this series, She discusses her personal and professional reasons for embarking on a journey that will further her understanding of the practical use of yoga in psychotherapy.

In a country that has rural and city poverty and no public health care system that is free to access, I am interested in how meaning and purpose in life can be discovered though Yoga, particularly when physical and psychological mental health is disturbed.

Soon, I will be living in a homestead in India in order to learn, and live yoga. I am curious of course, to explore my own responses to this fantastic opportunity.

At this juncture, I wonder how and when ‘homesickness’ will wash over me and how I will be? I feel tearful thinking of saying goodbye to my daughter (aged 17) and how I will not see her for more than 50 days, our longest separation ever. How will I be with the ‘empty nest’ in less than one year of her becoming independent and leaving home is too much to think of, but of I do, frequently.

What about my cat too? The fluff ball that comforts me and welcomes me home even as the car pulls up to the kerb and taps on the door to come in and head nuzzles me from the back of the sofa. How will I be without a kiss or a cuddle in the morning or night from my daughter or the cat?

Within the ashram there is of course abstinence from alcohol and any mind altering substances although I presume that prescription medications for any visitors will be accepted? Previously, on the teacher training programme, the four weeks (plus travel and orientation days) I absolutely loved the vegan food and I was not hungry at any point or had any digestive issue at all.

Some of my peers craved chocolate or pizza, some missed coffee badly. On the day off at the end of the third week, my new Danish friend , Camilla sat with me at the ayurvedic spa and we shared a bottle of beer. I have the photograph to prove it ! Our rebellion was quiet and personal and much enjoyed .

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