• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    What is the treatment? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a talking therapy that is often recommended as a treatment for depression, anxiety and other common mental disorders. It is recommended by the NHS and backed by substantial evidence. Over the course of several CBT sessions, you will be encouraged to talk to your therapist to [...]
  • Counselling for Depression

    What is the treatment? In the simplest of terms, depression is a persistent feeling of unhappiness, but this doesn’t necessarily convey the seriousness of a condition that can manifest itself in a range of physical and mental symptoms that negatively impact many people’s lives. Anyone can suffer from depression, but BodyMindTherapy Clinic offers a variety [...]
  • Mindfulness Therapy

    Mindfulness: Can it improve your day to day life? The practice of mindfulness is becoming increasingly common, but with a wealth of misinformation on the internet, it can be easy to miss the true object of the practice and feel as though it doesn’t work or isn’t right for you. With a properly trained therapist [...]
  • 1 to 1 Counselling and Psychotherapy Talking Therapies

    What is the treatment? Change is inevitable in our lives. Sometimes we may desire or need to prepare for, and plan for change. We can help you with this process.  What are the benefits of the treatment? We can assist you in goal setting, action planning and the implementation of changes you are interested in [...]
  • EMDR

    What is the treatment? Contemporary neuroscience and psychotherapy are rapidly changing how our brain can reprocess information and adapt to past trauma. Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR) is a form of psychotherapy which is listed in the NICE guidelines and is paid for by insurers in medico legal cases. EMDR has been developed as an […]

  • Holistic Massage Therapy

    What is the treatment? Professionally informed and skilled use of touch is often sought-out in a spa or beauty salon, but holistic massage as therapy can provide you with a unique and sometimes profound sense of connection to yourself. Holistic Massage Therapy may be all that you want or need.  You may choose to combine [...]
  • Yoga and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

    What is the treatment? From our Sheffield or Anglesey clinics, We use a combination of yoga and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy to help you to reclaim your body after a traumatically stressful incident or repeated experiences which have hurt you in different ways. This is a gradual process which requires skilled attention and professional care. Bringing the body [...]
  • Dynamic Body & Mind Therapy

    What is the treatment? Individually, in pairs or small groups, we can learn about our preferred ways of communicating and expressing our amazing repertoire of being and doing. Themes of assertion and power, identity and self-esteem, femininity and masculinity, and how we celebrate, accept, punish or deny our selves in our bodies can be an [...]
  • Bereavement Counselling Service

    Bereavement Counselling When we lose someone through death, it can sometimes haunt us. If there are images that disturb or distress and yet connect us to the person, our grief may become complicated and hinder the life we are living. EMDR is a powerful and effective treatment which is recommended. Unresolved or unexpressed feelings can [...]
  • Couples and Relationship Counselling

    What is the treatment? In growing up and growing old, many of us seek stability, love, and a sense of purpose in sharing our lives with someone we identify as a partner. Listening and understanding each other, and conveying the understanding of our thoughts and feelings, can be uncomfortable and anxiety provoking As individuals we have [...]
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