Bereavement Counselling Service

Bereavement Counselling

When we lose someone through death, it can sometimes haunt us. If there are images that disturb or distress and yet connect us to the person, our grief may become complicated and hinder the life we are living. EMDR is a powerful and effective treatment which is recommended. Unresolved or unexpressed feelings can also prevent us from reinvesting energy in our present, and with our family and friends.

You may now think it is important to discuss things which you believe others could not cope with knowing or hearing. After meeting with you and listening carefully to your experiences I will suggest various ways of continuing to help you. Even if your loss was expected, or was many years ago, your own suffering can lessen. If talking is too difficult, expressive, creative arts therapies can be useful in symbolising your private, inner world. As and when you are ready, I will support you to give words to your deepest thoughts and feelings.

Counselling after miscarriage / still birth / premature death / termination

Any woman who has known the loss of her baby at any stage of life and development knows her body remembers what her mind wants to forget. Even if you tell yourself “I should be over it” “I was never really a mother,” you may be having thoughts or images, sensations or feelings about your baby that continue to distress you. It is possible that you may worry or be depressed about not feeling, as if you are numb, to most everything going on around you. Or you could be as efficient and achieve as you were before your baby died and yet little satisfies you now.

Sibling loss through death or separation

When children are young and experience loss of a brother or sister, it may be many years later, perhaps even into mature adulthood before they can make sense of an unresolved longing, perhaps deep anxiety or insecurity. This may have prevented intimate relationships or close friendships from developing, because of the fear of loss. If you recognise that you still carry a burden of sadness unease or distress as a consequence of your loss, please contact me. It is never too late to understand your grief, and have your feelings acknowledged, witnessed and respected.

If you are a parent and you are in need of ideas and reassurance that you are taking the very best care of children who have known the loss of a brother or sister, you are welcome to arrange a one-off consultation or plan the required number of meetings.

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