Counselling for Depression

What is the treatment?

In the simplest of terms, depression is a persistent feeling of unhappiness, but this doesn’t necessarily convey the seriousness of a condition that can manifest itself in a range of physical and mental symptoms that negatively impact many people’s lives. Anyone can suffer from depression, but BodyMindTherapy Clinic offers a variety of powerful treatments to help you move forward with your life.

How does the treatment work?

At BodyMindTherapy Clinic we are highly qualified and experienced in counselling and talking therapies. Depression can manifest itself in both psychological and physiological symptoms, and our treatment acknowledges this profound bond between the mental and the physical. With this in mind, we offer a unique service which combines talking therapies and EMDR with effective physical therapies such as massage or yoga therapy.

After an initial consultation, we create the programme of treatment that is right for you. We want to place each of our patients in an environment that is best suited to their individual needs. We commonly utilise talking therapies, drawing on psychotherapy and CBT to provide a structured approach to work with you to identify what is causing your depression. After we have identified the underlying causes of your unhappiness, we can then discuss how you respond to these causes, helping you to find ways to respond to them in a more constructive way.

In cases where depression is connected to past trauma, we can draw on our experience in using EMDR. This treatment helps your brain to reprocess how it deals with traumatic memories.

Our holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing means we never separate this from your physical health. To be comfortable in, and aware of your own body is essential when working towards a healthy state of mind. For this reason, we are highly trained in leading therapeutic yoga and massage. Integrating this with talking therapies gives us the opportunity to achieve profound results.

Who can benefit from the treatment?

We are highly adaptive and can adjust our counselling to deal with the unique challenges present in each person’s experience of depression. The causes and symptoms of depression are incredibly varied, and no two cases are exactly alike. Depression might be prompted by a life event such as an illness, a death in the family, a divorce or being made redundant. By the same token, it might be difficult for you to identify what is causing it at all, but this doesn’t make seeking treatment any less important.

The fact that people often find it difficult to talk about depression is often one of the major barriers that can cause negative modes of thinking to be perpetuated. We can help those who are worried that they may be suffering from depression, or those who have already sought treatment for depression elsewhere. As we can initiate treatment very promptly, we find we often treat those who are frustrated with having achieved little support elsewhere.

Our treatments are intended for adults. In the rare case that we are not able to provide the treatment that is best for you, our professional experience and connections mean we will be able to point you in the right direction. Please get in touch for an initial consultation to see how we can help you.

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