Fertility and IVF Counselling & Therapies

Preparing for IVF Treatment Psychologically and Physically

You may be depending upon the process of IVF treatment to conceive the baby you so desperately want. This can be exciting, stressful and expensive financially. Although you believe it is worth it, you may be struggling with the intensity and demands this places upon you. Individually and in your relationships with others, it can be a relentless roller coaster of hope and misery. It may make you question the very meaning of life and challenge your deeply held values and spiritual or religious beliefs. I will be available to listen to you, in a calm and confidential setting with or without your partner so you can identify what matters most to you.

For most women, assisted conception can generate fear and anxiety, particularly as you can feel out of control of your own body. I will help you understand your thought, feelings and sensations about your body, before during and after any medical intervention. I can teach you powerful techniques of relaxation, visualisation and communication skills to help you feel safe and positively influence what you can be in control of. If you have intrusive or disturbing memories which distress you, we will work on reprocessing this using EMDR a clinically recommended therapy which brings relief.

Coping with Trying to Have a Baby

You may be trying for a baby and be confused and disappointed that your simple and profound desire to be pregnant or maintain a pregnancy is just not happening. During pregnancy and post-pregnancy, you may not be with your baby as you expected to be. It is possible that you feel alienated and detached from your body. You may have uncomfortable thoughts and sensations which you dare not speak of to anyone. You can be feeling depressed at physical changes or even damage that you believe you have suffered. If you feel shame, guilt or helplessness I can help you. You can explore changes in your identity, your roles and relationships and I will support you. Together we will find ways of developing your self-confidence, giving voice to your needs and rediscovering your desire.

Dealing with Past Trauma or Disturbing Events in Childhood

It may be that you need help with understanding and making connections about how your past is unconsciously affecting you attitude about fertility and parenthood.

  • If you or your partner had unhelpful or abusive experiences when you were younger it may now be the time to have skilled attention for your difficulties in relationships
  • I can help you redefine how you see yourself, letting go of past hurts and negative thoughts
  • I will assist you in making positive choices and changes in how you behave and communicate with people you care about

Dealing with Previous Losses

Sometimes there are events in our past that we may not have paid attention to. Family miscarriages, pregnancy or termination can contribute to an uncertainty or fearful attitude in the present. Loss of trust in your own body or perhaps in the behaviour of yourself or your partner can be hindering your relationships now, and with skilled attention, can be understood and adaptation and progress made.

Unresolved or unexpressed sadness, longing and grief can also be inhibiting your ability now to achieve what you want. This could now be a constructive and healing time for you to discuss things which you believe others could not cope with knowing or hearing. We can just talk or use creative arts techniques (drawing, writing, clay modelling) to help you express yourself and communicate your thoughts and feelings to others.

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