How can EMDR help me?

EMDR can provide relief if you think or feel in the following ways.

  • Things you think or have heard said:
    • It was my fault
    • I should have done something
    • I’m bad
    • I’m never going to feel safe again
    • I cannot get it out of my mind
    • I cannot trust anyone
    • I’m permanently damaged
    • I feel hopeless
  • How you are feeling
    • You notice aches, pains, soreness, nausea, lifelessness or numbness and your body may even feel like it doesn’t belong to you, or you wish you could get rid of it
    • You are angry and irritable without any obvious cause, or apathetic and uninterested in events or people close to you, or weepy or at the slightest thing
    • You cannot get a picture out of your mind, or you remember a particular feeling, or a smell or taste and it makes you feel ‘out of control’
    • You believe you cannot change the past, and you have to get on with it. Shut up and put up!
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