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Jacqueline helped me to gain the tools I need for a happy future. I was immediately able to be open & honest about some very difficult memories & the effects they have had on my life. The therapy is far from just sitting down and off loading your troubles, it is life changing! I could not recommend the clinic highly enough. Jacqueline changed my life forever and I am eternally grateful for this.


I had silently suffered years of emotional and physical abuse from my implacably hostile ex partner, and I had had immense difficulty maintaining paternal contact with our child after we separated.
I obtained a Contact Order and then had to endure many extremely serious false allegations made against me by my ex in revenge.
The effects of all this on my health, my mental wellbeing and ultimately my career were profound and I really needed professional support.
Meeting Jacqueline, talking to her about my problems and discussing strategies was in equal measure both calming and empowering, helping me to rationalise my situation and identify ways forward.
I fully and wholeheartedly recommend the BodyMindTherapy Clinic



The sessions I had with Jacqueline have been nothing short of life changing. She helped me through some really difficult times that I was having in my relationship and after it ended. I knew that Jacqueline had seen people in gay relationships before, so I felt completely comfortable opening up to her from the very beginning about everything. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never felt more understood. The psychotherapy and EMDR were extremely effective in routing out many underlying issues from childhood that were affecting not just my romantic relationship, but many others relationships, most importantly with myself. It’s now been a year since I last saw Jacqueline, but I reflect on what I learned with her almost daily. I feel like a different person. I’m so much more aware of myself, what can trigger certain behaviours, and I have tools to help myself do things differently. I honestly think it was the best decision in my life to go for therapy, and I feel eternally grateful that it was with Jacqueline. I cannot stress enough how valuable it has been.


Reduced exam stress immediately, couldn't be more pleased with hot stones massage therapy treatment.


My husband and I started to see Jacqueline after a breakdown in our marriage. We were struggling to communicate effectively and were repeatedly entering into negative, destructive patterns of interaction. These sessions enabled us to breakdown the issues that we faced as a couple, to reconnect and to really understand each other's cognition patterns which was essential to rebuilding our marriage.
Jacqueline also gave us some concrete strategies to use when further issues arise. I whole heartedly recommend this therapy.


I have visited Jacqueline on several occasions for holistic therapy massage and I can honestly say each occasion has been immensely enjoyable for various reasons. The Garden Therapy Space is beautiful as the photos show and the setting inside lends itself to a most relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a massage. Jacqueline made me feel at ease and asked lots of questions about what part of my body needed help, the setting is very discreet and lovely fresh warm towels were provided. I have had lots of massages before on Spa days but they do not compare to this more intense therapeutic massage which really helped my aches and pains. I always arrived after finishing work, still on a high from racing around all day and full of chatter, 10 minutes into my treatment I was literally asleep! It always made me laugh because there was such a different person walking away, totally relaxed and ready to face whatever was awaiting me at home. Fully recommended. Thank you Jacqueline x


In the few sessions I’ve had to date I’ve already experienced a real shift. A healing that is priceless and isn’t easy to come by. I felt Jacqueline has this ability to bring this about in an effortless but highly knowledgeable and experienced way. The environment was incredibly healing and grounded in a precise understanding of the human mind and body. I’m very grateful to have found this service. It is transformative and extremely valuable.


Jacqueline has provided a great space for me to explore aspects of my personality that were developed through being fully immersed in the competitive environment of international sport. I was looking for greater balance and ways to understand myself as a 45 year old man trying his best to make sense of the world. With a deep sense of compassion and support she has helped me develop new ways of approaching work and relationships that provide a much richer experience and greater appreciation of who I am and what life has to offer. Thank you.


After several IVF attempts, a miscarriage and the end of a long-term relationship, I was stressed, anxious and chronically depressed. I approached Jacqueline to help me come to terms with these loses and to find ways of managing my anxiety and depression. I have to be honest I really don't like therapists. I thought of them as them otherworldly, unrealistic and frankly, scary. Jacqueline acknowledged my fears of therapy, made me feel at ease and was patient with me. Although she is a professional therapist in every way, she is also a genuine human being who showed me care and compassion without judgement. She listened intently, provided advice, challenged me when I needed it and used a vast array of therapeutic techniques and knowledge to support me on my journey to a better understanding of myself. I found the hypnosis and EMDR particularly beneficial. It has resulted in noticeable changes in my attitude and behaviour. I have developed genuine self-esteem and feel much happier in my own skin. I no longer think about my past or the opinions of others as much as I used to and I feel much more equipped to deal with life's challenges. Thank you Jacqueline ?


I consider myself privileged to have the opportunity to work with Jacqueline and explore EMDR technique.

EMDR is a great technique that it took out the negative and poison effects of sad and unpleasant event in my life. This technique weakens the effect of negative emotions. Jacqueline asked me to rate my level of distress before each session. The disturbing memories will become less disabling after a few repetitions/sets. It helped me a lot to heal the psychological scars and explore different and interesting aspect of myself.

She moved her fingers back and forth in front of my face and asked me to follow these hand motions with my eyes. At the same time, she asked me to recall a disturbing event. This will include the emotions, body sensations or an image that go along with it.

This technique allows me to revisit the event and brings me to a deeper level of conscious; also it undercovers many unknown layers for me in my way to get to know myself better. Through this with help of Jacqueline I discover how to tackle each issue and I find my way out.

I started to explore this technique just for one particular problem but when I see the effects, Jacqueline and I used it for other psychological problems.

EMDR reduced my anxiety, allowed me to take better control of my upsetting thoughts with great resilience. This was achieved by primary focus of this technique, which are Stabilization and the development of skills and self-capacities, like the ability to self-soothe and tolerate emotions.
EMDR is very safe therapy and doesn’t have any side effects.
Using EMDR and working with Jacqueline is without the shadow of a doubt one of the best things I have ever done for myself and what I have achieved from it, is outstanding and simply amazing.

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