Dynamic Body & Mind Therapy

What is the treatment?

Individually, in pairs or small groups, we can learn about our preferred ways of communicating and expressing our amazing repertoire of being and doing. Themes of assertion and power, identity and self-esteem, femininity and masculinity, and how we celebrate, accept, punish or deny our selves in our bodies can be an empowering and fascinating journey. Sessions are held in our welcoming Garden Therapy Space.

  • Movement psychotherapy and movement play therapy can be facilitated by a child and an adult parent or carer.
  • Relationship issues and attachment patterns can be illuminated and developed, and children can explore physical coordination, impulse control, creative expression and cooperation and assertion skills.
  • No previous experience is required for children or adults.

How does the treatment work?

How we live in our bodies is a dynamic and complex interaction of our psychology and emotions, our physiology and anatomy, and our social and cultural influences. Through spontaneous movement improvisations and structured phrases of movement, we offer a powerful and pleasurable way of learning how we interpret the world through our body and mind process.

Who can it benefit?

Creative and authentic movement therapy is useful for any individual or couple of any age and without any previous experience.

Sports Performance / artistic performance

You may be an interested amateur or an aspirational professional in individual or team sports, or artistic and theatrical performance. For an increased sense of confidence and competence, I will use NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) techniques, EMDR / CBT, applied to your personal needs or goals. Sometimes negative self-beliefs interfere with your ability to express yourself or achieve your chosen outcomes. These may be consciously understood, or be old and forgotten messages of criticism or judgment which inhibit you in your performance.

With rapid results, you will be encouraged to continue learning and developing your skills to feel like a winner. I can teach you strategies for coping with performance anxiety, and you will find yourself enjoying your participation and achievements more and more on the stage, at the golf course or anywhere you choose to challenge yourself.

Recovery from physical and psychological consequences of injury for dancers, athletes

If you are struggling in your rehabilitation, and you have received expert and specialist help for your physical symptoms without much relief or gain, then you may be interested in an exploration of your psychological understanding of how any accident/experience of injury interacts with your current physical limitations or pain.

get in touch today

If you are feeling hopelessness, shame, anguish and the physical sensations of chronic pain, please meet with me to discuss the various ways of improving your life now. Using an integrated approach of mindfulness therapy, EMDR and hypnosis you may surprise yourself with how much change is achievable.

More about mind/body movement therapies

  • If required, talking therapies can be combined with expressive arts/movement techniques
  • If you would like to utilise movement, sessions are held on a wooden sprung floor in a light and airy space at the side of the river, in the Hope Centre
  • I work with individuals or couples, children and also small group sessions with up to 8 people

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I begin my treatment?

We will do our best to arrange an initial consultation as soon as possible. In most cases we will be able to to initiate therapy very promptly as we do not have the limitations that can sometimes result in long waiting times for NHS treatment. We offer a limited number of sessions outside normal office hours in mornings, evenings and weekends and will do our best to find a time that works best for you.

How do I start my treatment?

The first step is to get in touch with Jacqueline, our lead counsellor. She will arrange for an initial consultation where we can asses your needs. We will then create a programme of treatment that meets your requirements, drawing on the wide range of talking and physical therapies that we offer.

How do I book an appointment?

Please get in touch with Jacqueline who will help find the appointment that’s best for you.

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